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What's the One Thing?

31 Mar

What’s the one thing you can do today that will make all the difference?

And can you even make a real difference by doing just one thing?

Yes :-)

Have you heard about the domino effect? I’m not talking about playing with a thousand same-sized dominoes carefully laid out in intricate patterns on the floor - that's amazing to watch, but...

...I’m talking about the power of one tiny domino to topple another domino that is 50% larger. If you start with one teeny, tiny little domino and push it over, its momentum be enough to topple the rest of the dominoes, each 50% taller than the previous domino.

This chain reaction is a great analogy that relates to success in anything you do.

The thing you want to focus your energy on, every day, is the “lead domino” - that ONE thing you can do that will start the domino effect.

How do you know what that one thing is?

Gary Keller’s book, The One Thing, teaches us to ask a “focusing question.” I’m sure you’ve heard that the quality of your life - meaning, your results - is determined by the quality of the questions you ask. It’s not always easy to identify those good questions, let alone that "one" question, so here is a brilliant one penned by Keller:

   What’s the ONE Thing I can do
   such that by doing it
   everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

Ask this one question every day - and then do that ONE thing (not a laundry list of to-do’s, but that ONE thing). That one thing is the lead domino.

The best part of this question is the third line, “Everything else will be easier or unnecessary.” Doesn’t that sound delightful? It sure does for me! I mean, who doesn’t want things to be easier? Who doesn’t want things to go smoothly? How great is it that just by doing one thing, you can totally avoid doing a lot of stuff you would rather not do at all? Wouldn’t you feel more motivated to focus on that one thing, that thing that makes life easier and better? Sure, you would!

Do this in meditation, when your thoughts are calm and you are more open to answers.

Just ask the question... and allow the answer to come to you. Maybe you'll get an immediate answer, maybe not. Wait for it, and apply it.

Start by applying the focusing question on the big picture - your ideal life. Ultimately all of your goals will add up to an amazing life, and you start the domino effect by looking at it from the big picture perspective. What’s the one thing that lights you up and makes you excited to leap out of bed in the morning? What’s the one thing that you would love to spend your days doing? What fuels you passion? When you look closely, you’ll see that this one thing is your “why” - your raison d’etre.

Now narrow your focus to one thing that you can do right now. Work backwards from 10- or 5-year goals, into monthly milestones, weekly targets and finally today - the ONE thing that you can do today, right now, that will make everything else easier or unnecessary (just for today).

The most wonderful thing about the One Thing is that it’s one. Thing. Singular. Which means, being one thing, it should not take up a huge chunk of time. This makes it easier to carve out the time to do it, with no excuses!

No excuses means you’re going to devote yourself to doing that one thing at your TOP PRIORITY, every day. If you’re going to procrastinate, okay. Heck, we all do. Just do not ever, ever allow yourself to procrastinate on the ONE THING. Remind yourself if you're tempted by procrastination's siren song... “such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary.” By doing that one thing, everything else flows more smoothly. Easier is good! Whoever said that success had to be hard? It’s really just a series of small steps...

You will feel such an incredible sense of satisfaction - dare I say euphoria? - knowing that when you consistently devote time every day to your one thing, that you WILL start to see results.

You can apply this one thing strategy to any area of your life: “What’s the ONE THING I can do right now so I can…”

  • run a sub-4 hr marathon by July?

  • encourage my child to be a better student?

  • create a popular value-packed telesummit in just 3 weeks?

  • resolve my marital problems?

  • complete my project not only ahead of schedule but with excellence?

  • lose 20 lbs in 2 months?

  • secure a partnership with a key industry player?

The beauty of this strategy is its simplicity. It’s just one thing, done consistently, that will lead to big, big, big results.

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Jarmila Gorman

Jarmila Gorman is an ultra-endurance athlete, mother of two, photographer, self-help writer and entrepreneur. She enjoys sharing the secrets of positive self-talk, motivation, a winning mindset and perseverance. Favorite quote: "Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try." ~ Yoda

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