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What Is the First Thing You Do Every Morning?

26 Feb

What is the first thing you do every morning?

The alarm rings, or your dog’s cold wet nose nudges you awake… and then what?

You start talking to yourself.

Slowly, the mind generates a thought or two about the upcoming day and everything you need to, what you’re worried about, excited about... or if you’re upset about something, or back to that topic that didn’t get resolved by the time you went to bed last night.

Then the mind shifts into higher gear and by the time you’re up and brushing your teeth, the mind is zooming down the thought highway like a bus full of raucous schoolchildren. Every morning, that’s how it goes. The mind’s engine revs up and off it goes!

Now, what if half of those thoughts running through your head before breakfast are negative? Actually, they are. According to neuroscientists, half of your automatic thoughts are negative. It's not your fault. It's the way we humans are wired! But that's another topic for another day :-)

Have you ever had this happen? You wake up, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, life is good... and then suddenly "that" thought comes up, the thought of the argument you and your spouse had about money... and there goes the day... in a black mood before you even get up out of bed.

If negative automatic thoughts clouded your mood first thing in the morning you face the day already stressed. What if you couldn’t shake the sadness, frustration or anger you’ve carried over from yesterday and you got to work anxious and distracted, and didn't have a productive day - which your boss noticed? What if your memories of the argument about money got your mental calculator running and while you were distracted you burned your breakfast, only adding to the already negative tone of the day? What if you came to work knowing that you needed to stand up for yourself and ask for a long-overdue review and raise, but you still didn’t have the courage? What if you decided that today wasn’t the day to talk to your co-worker about something hurtful that he said to you, and let it fester for another day? What if you were so overwhelmed with everything you needed to accomplish that you thought, “I’ll just get all of this done and then I’ll have time to exercise. Then I'll have time to go to the playground with the kids. I’ll have more time tomorrow.

And so, the thing you do first thing in the morning, determines how your day is going to run.

You have a choice. You can allow this uncontrolled thinking to continue… to drive your behaviors... and continue experiencing the same unwanted results.

Or, you can take charge. You can imprint the kinds of thoughts you want your mind to automatically run with every morning. Thoughts of health, wealth, happiness, great relationships, open communication, self-esteem, a sexy body, financial abundance, purpose, your greatest dreams, self-love, courage, family bliss, fulfillment…

What if these were the automatic thoughts that your mind started running with every day as soon as you woke up? How would you feel? What would you do differently than if you got out of bed already stressed?

How would your day be different?


How would your LIFE be different?


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Jarmila Gorman

Jarmila Gorman is an ultra-endurance athlete, mother of two, photographer, self-help writer and entrepreneur. She enjoys sharing the secrets of positive self-talk, motivation, a winning mindset and perseverance. Favorite quote: "Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try." ~ Yoda

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