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Next Generation Coaching
Certified Master Coach Program

Help your clients experience fast, effective and enduring change without the challenges found with traditional methods!

If you’re frustrated with watching your clients struggle with their goals, despite your best coaching’s not your fault!

You need a new approach!

After years of research in neuroscience and positive psychology, MindPT is proud to offer you the solution to the challenge of personal change.

Your personally branded MindPT Session gives you a unique way to coach your clients to faster, easier and more enjoyable results.

It’s fast, easy, fun and effective

Just 3 minutes a day of MindPT results in 6-8 hours of more positive moods, attitudes and energy!

We all know, if it’s fun, we’re going to do it...and when a tool is based in neuroscience and positive psychology and a clear understanding of the “how” and “why” of change... that’s when your clients will get the results they want!

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In just 5 minutes or less a day, MindPT can
help you and your clients make positive change!

Here is what leading experts say about MindPT:

Shawn Achor
Author of NYT bestsellers:
The Happiness Advantage and
Before Happiness

"We’re living through a technological revolution that changes every single aspect of our lives... but hidden behind that revolution is a more powerful one...a happiness revolution.

MindPT is a technological solution that allows the “changing of the lens” to happen so easily within the human improve our health outcomes, business outcomes, educational outcomes. Mind PT gives the user the opportunity to become primed by positive images... and the session has a positive impact on the user’s mood for 6-8 hours after watching a 3-minute session, which is extraordinary."

Kristine Carlson
Co-author of the NYT #1 bestseller:
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

"We’ve been saying for a long time, how you start your day is how you live your day and that’s why I get off to a peaceful start because no matter what happens throughout my day, I can always access that peaceful center inside. It’s all about how you start.

That’s why I’ve incorporated MindPT into my daily practice of starting out peacefully. MindPT is so easy to use. All you have to do is press play, and watch! MindPT has the ability to prepare you to have a really positive day!“

Margit Cruice
Professional Life Coach and
Founder/CEO of The Institute for Conscious Thought

"I am thrilled to partner with MindPT to create personalised sessions for my clients. As a Life Coach, I knew immediately that this would create massive benefit for my clients. Creating my sessions with the MindPT team was a wonderful experience and I now have two branded sessions.

Every single client now uses MindPT as a core part of their work with me and they all report thinking more positively and feeling happier as a result. Creating sustainable results with MindPT is easier and faster than ever before. It’s the easiest business decision I ever made – it gives me another product for my funnel, puts my brand in front of others, provides a residual income and most important of all it gets results for my clients.“

Here's what Certified Masters have to say about using MindPT

  • What they have learned in the Certified Master Program.
  • The benefits to their clients and how MindPT is creating significant change in their personal lives and in their business.

Benefits to Your Clients:

  • Receiving on the go positive reinforcement of your messages
  • A cutting edge tool that will help prime them for greater success
  • They’re learning will be accelerated
  • Easy, fast, simple process- just 3minutes a day
  • Helps make change much easier and simpler
  • Customize your personal session for greater engagement and connection
  • Faster formation of new supportive beliefs
  • Increase their happiness almost instantly

Use the latest findings of neuroscience and positive psychology in MindPT's innovative, engaging
and transformative app that guides your clients to become happier, smarter, and more successful.

Grow Your Business With MindPT!

This extraordinary opportunity will only be offered for a limited time to a few select coaches who are committed to profiting from making a difference!

Become an early adopter of this transformative technology today and grow your business, set yourself apart from the competition, and give your clients “above and beyond” results!

When you become a MindPT Certified Master, you join the ranks of experts such as Shawn Achor (Harvard-trained positive psychology researcher, Fortune 100 trainer, speaker and author – his TED talk has over 11 million views, and his 21 Days To Happiness O-Course, featuring MindPT, was recently aired on the OWN network). THIS IS THE LEADING EDGE OF COACHING!

FINALLY! Here is your opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition using a unique and innovative transformational tool that will give your clients outstanding results!

As a MindPT Certified Master, you will turn your clients into eager fans, and market and brand yourself for massive exposure to new clients! You will get:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to give your clients above-and-beyond value using MindPT
  • Clear direction and proven tools for a winning marketing campaign to grow your business
  • An opportunity to earn substantial affiliate income
  • A stunning visual product with mass appeal
  • Training that will SET YOU APART from the competition!

This is your extraordinary opportunity to join forces
with MindPT and their distinguished experts at a
ridiculously low price when you take action now!

Your MindPT Certified Master Program Includes:

1A personally branded MindPT session (valued at $4,997)

A custom-created, stunning and unique digital product that authentically captures your vision, your “voice” and your brand. Your MindPT session gives you an edge on your competition (as a powerful tool that brings tremendous value to your clients) and because your session is featured in the MindPT store, it positions you and your business among the top experts in your field.

Important elements of your session include:

  • Collaboration with top-grade graphic designers
  • Programming and hosting on the MindPT site
  • Assistance with content writing using positive affirmative statements based on neuroscience and positive psychology
  • Proprietary technology that ensures a unique viewing experience each time
  • Distilled knowledge of neuroscience and positive psychology, including a specific ratio of images to statements, and types of statements and images
  • Carefully curated stunning images designed to uplift and inspire
  • Ability to customize the session with the user’s name, unique statements and personal images

2Professional Marketing Toolbox: (valued at $1,997)

  • Image Quotes for social media – beautiful images to make it easy for you to promote your session on social media
  • Marketing 7x Email Launch Campaign – pre-written, embedded with your unique affiliate code (just copy and paste, or customize as you like)
  • Giveaway Card – a “business card” with your referrer code; includes instructions
  • Free Prize Draw Sheet (for Printing) – a great door prize or special prize at events; includes instructions
  • Flyer – to present at events, meetups or to distribute to businesses or prospective clients
  • Banner (Due to file size - available on request) for your website, to position you as a MindPT Certified Master
  • 8 x Personal Session Templates (Social Media and Website) for your email promotions

3 Online Training (valued at $997)

This program is offered through the MindPT website in a private Certified Masters page where you will find training videos, supporting documentation (PDFs) and an online test. The concepts are reinforced and expanded on within the Priming the Mind research reference book.

  • Training in practical applications of the latest findings in neuroscience and proven principles of positive psychology:
    • Find answers to why change is difficult
    • How to create a positive atmosphere for change
    • How to accelerate learning
    • How to give your clients exceptional results, easily and quickly
  • In-depth knowledge of how MindPT will help your clients blast through their barriers and achieve fast and enduring results
  • Learn how to maximize the application of MindPT as a tool in individual or group coaching
  • Discover how to best use and customize a MindPT session based on the individual’s unique needs and goals
  • This knowledge also helps you talk to prospects about what makes MindPT so unique and powerful

4Priming the Mind Research Reference Book (valued at $297)

Written by Kim Serafini, founder and CEO of MindPT, this is valuable resource and the basis for the online training. This book is available as a PDF download.

  • Help your clients using practical applications of MindPT based on years of research in neuroscience and positive psychology
  • Understand the individual components of MindPT and how and why they work together to promote fast and easy change
  • Read about specific applications of MindPT to help overcome challenges your clients may be facing

5Promotional YouTube video using your recorded voice and images from your session (valued at $697)

  • A 3-4 minute video for use on social media, your website, or as a link in emails to assist you in your marketing campaigns
  • A popular way to introduce yourself, MindPT, why you are using MindPT and what it will do for your clients.
  • Includes all graphic design and video creation services
  • Note: this feature becomes available once your session has been created

6Training Videos from the MindPT Training Event (valued at $297)

These videos are available to Certified Master Program participants only, on the MindPT site.

  • Neuroscience: how we learn, why our beliefs create our life experience, and how to promote accelerated learning of the ideas and beliefs that support our goals
    • Cheryl Valk teaches you the physical and nonphysical elements of learning and perception (the brain and the mind, and the difference between them) and how both are integral to positive change
  • Happiness: happiness is the key element and predecessor to success – here, you will learn ways to “be happy now” no matter your circumstances
    • Michelle Gielan teaches you how to choose to focus on the positives in any situation in order to shape your response
    • Dina Proctor shares a powerful short meditation practice that can stop runaway negative thoughts
  • Positive Psychology: the scientific study of success and a fulfilling life – you will learn the secrets of success and how to positively influence your clients to “upgrade” their mindset using proven principles
    • Kim Serafini teaches about how our self-talk (driven by our beliefs) shapes our behaviors and results
    • Karen Russo shares the elements of a success mindset
    • A group panel discussion about the connection between MindPT and coaching, featuring Kim Serafini, Cheryl Valk, Pamela Sterling, Kristine Carlson and Karen Russo
  • Using the technology: you will learn how to customize the app to give your clients the most engaging and meaningful experience; includes everything from the basics of downloading the app, to the most effective ways of playing MindPT sessions to create positive change
    • Dan Behrman shares the basics of the web and mobile app and using the app effectively
  • Workshop exercises you can use with your clients: complement your clients’ MindPT practice with these mind-opening exercises
    • Kristine Carlson shares some eye-opening exercises that create an immediate sense of trust and openness
  • A group panel discussion on marketing and technology featuring Dan Behrman, Cameron MacNeill, Kylie Kiric and Annie Thompson

7Series of Weekly Gatherings Via Webinar - $4,000

  • Kim Serafini, founder and CEO of MindPT, will expand your success mindset
  • Each private-group live webinar will be 30-45 minutes of information plus 15-30 minutes of Q&A
  • Topics will include:
    • Using the app and customization, to give your clients the best experience and use MindPT to its greatest effect
    • Using the affiliate dashboard, creating links, and reading and understanding statistics, so that you can target your marketing to the most lucrative markets
    • How to use your marketing materials for greatest impact in your sphere of influence
    • How to talk to people about MindPT and teach them to use the app so that you can easily make sales anywhere, anytime
    • Tips for recording videos and audio so that you can create the best and most compelling marketing materials
    • Tips on session creation (including how to create affirmations) to help you create the most impactful session, and develop the ability to teach your clients how to customize the app for best results

8Live Mastermind/Certification Event (Annual MindPT Conference valued at $4,997):

This 3 day long-weekend event is fun-filled and value-packed. Hosted by Kim Serafini, the live event is the culmination of your online training. Get you get to know a few of our special MindPT Experts PERSONALLY during this experience. Keynote speakers will inspire and inform you. Plus, you will be treated to a special Training & Assessment day where you will develop your “elevator pitch”, explore ways to market your business, and much, much more! Finally, you will be presented with your MindPT Master Certification!

9Listing as a Certified Master Coach on the MindPT Website (valued at $197 per year)

  • You will receive global exposure to new coaching clients.
  • Use our certified master badge on your website and published articles for added value.

10Session placement in the MindPT Store

Your session will be featured in the MindPT Store – an opportunity to put your name, brand and message in front of thousands of MindPT users every day! Be seen alongside Kristine Carlson, Shawn Achor, Michelle Gielan, Robert MacPhee and many more globally-recognized distinguished experts!

11Opportunity to earn massive referral income when your clients or referrals purchase any MindPT product (unlimited value!):

  • Our library of MindPT Expert Sessions is growing daily and addresses common “life challenges” that most people struggle with.
  • You can encourage people to give MindPT sessions or memberships as “gifts that keep on giving”
  • You can receive additional referral income through sales of the Certified Master program, upselling your clients on higher-end products, and special promotions as they become available.

PLUS when you purchase NOW
You receive this extraordinary bonus…

MindPT Megabundle of 30 Expert Sessions!

When you complete your purchase during this webinar, you receive MindPT’ s Mega-Bundle of 30 Expert Sessions!

  • The Mega-Bundle consists of 30 targeted Expert Sessions, or “Personal Power Sessions” created by notable experts, that address common life challenges.
  • Use these sessions to give yourself a boost in your own personal growth
  • Get inspiration for your coaching practice
  • Get a comprehensive overview of what is available in the MindPT library – both as a valuable resource for your clients, as well as products to promote to earn affiliate income.
  • We recommend watching as many other sessions as possible before you create your own, so that you get a feel for what your session could look like, and get inspired to create a completely unique and valuable digital product

Valued at over $15,476...

The Next Generation Coaching Special Offer is a STEAL at just $4,997!

If you’re going to differentiate yourself from your competition, you have to do something different – and when you enroll in the MindPT Certified Master Program, you will get everything you need to propel you to an amazingly successful coaching practice!

Personally Branded MindPT Session and Certified Master Training Program and Certification Value
Personally branded MindPT session $4,997
Professional Marketing Toolbox $1,997
Online Training $997
Priming the Mind Research Reference Book $297
Promotional YouTube video $697
Training Videos from the LA Training Event $297
Series of Weekly Gatherings Via Webinar $4,000
Live Mastermind/Certification Event $4,997
Web Listing $197
Referral Rewards Unlimited
30 Session MegaBundle $297
Total Value Over $15,476
You Pay Only $4,997

You Can Make 4 Easy Monthly Payments of $1,349 each!

I want this program!
Pay in full today!

I want to make 4 easy monthly payments of $1,349 each

Join MindPT at the forefront of human potential!

There is no better time to offer your clients a fresh and revolutionary personal change tool… and to significantly grow your business!

We are grateful to have the opportunity to welcome you into the MindPT Certified Masters Community and thrilled you are joining us on leading edge of Human Potential!

FREE DOWNLOADS: Don’t forget, If you haven't downloaded your free online training registration gifts, you can get them here. Please enjoy!

I Am Gr8ful for YOU! - pdf

I Am Gr8ful for LIFE! - pdf

Click on the above images to view or download Kim Serafini's bestsellers in a digital format.

I want this program!
Pay in full today!

I want to make 4 easy monthly payments of $1,349 each

Order now! This offer is extremely limited and you will save thousands of dollars when the price increases.

Kim's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to your happiness and success! We are so confident that MindPT works that we’re pleased to offer an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee!

The Certified Master Program is an exception value that will lead to accelerated positive results for your clients and success and grouth for your business. You may cancel your participation in the program within 14 days of purchase for a full, cheerful refund.

Please note, however, that due to substantial upfront production costs incurred in the session creation process, IF you have started creating your MindPT session within 14 days of purchase, partial refunds will be made. You will receive a refund of the amount paid less $724.