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Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit in Grace by Lorraine Miller

Life is filled with detours, changes and surprises. Finding who you are during each of these turns can be difficult. The goal is to discover your authentic self and live a life of balance and peace. This session is about being aware of your mind, body and spirit and striving to achieve the best holistic presence in this world for yourself and those around you.
By Lorraine Miller

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Be Bold. Be Kara Steck

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Be Bold. Be You. This session created by Kara Steck founder of Kara Steck Coaching helps you find the freedom that lies in being bold.
By Kara Steck

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Magnetic Me - An Ode To Our Touch Sense by Cornelia Nielsen

Come inside and truly sense, what you desire for yourself- for others; what others desire? Go out and fully enjoy the sensual experience of those dreams constantly realised in magnetic synergy!
By Cornelia Nielsen

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Creating Your Best Life with Soaring Self Esteem by Dr. Joe Rubino

Dr. Joe Rubino is an internationally acclaimed personal development trainer, success coach, best selling author and information publisher. He has a proven track record in coaching and developing confident, effective leaders with the ability to train and support all levels of management from supervisors through executive management.
By Dr Joe Rubino

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