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Creating Prosperity And abundance In All areas Of Life by Natasha Senkovich

Raising your vibration, feeling joyful, and deserving of abundance is the quickest way to achieve your dreams. When you are filled with joy, you become a magnet to money and love. In this session, you will feel empowered and inspired.
By Natasha Senkovich

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Leadership Influence by Hollie Mileski

Amplify your leadership influence and create environments where we inspire others to rise to new heights! Together, we achieve amazing results along the way.
By Hollie Mileski

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Be The Miracle That You Are! by Durva Gandhi

Inspiration is the best way to envision life’s coming attractions and manifest them. This session by Durva Gandhi, gives you a new appreciation for your miraculous potential and brings you automagically closer to your desired life.
By Durva Gandhi

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The Gift Of Divorce by Kim Korven

In this session, you will walk the Peaceful Divorce Path, and will move from trauma and misery to a state of grace in which it is possible to create a new family normal full of joy and abundance.
By Kim Korven

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