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Because it’s Never Too Late To Be Happy by Mike Picone

This session will help you to relax and find that happy place inside yourself. Smiles are contagious and resonate that vibration of peace and love that dissolves stress, and awakens the aspect of wholeness that is deep inside each one of us.
By Mike Picone

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Creating Your Best Life with Soaring Self Esteem by Dr. Joe Rubino

Dr. Joe Rubino is an internationally acclaimed personal development trainer, success coach, best selling author and information publisher. He has a proven track record in coaching and developing confident, effective leaders with the ability to train and support all levels of management from supervisors through executive management.
By Dr Joe Rubino

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Let Your Glow Show by Ruthie Lewis

Let Your Glow Show is a MindPT session intent on shining the light on you and giving you permission to shine all your divine brightness and beauty to the world. You are a gift meant to be shared. You have permission to be you – all of you! You have permission to live the life you want, free from have-to / supposed-to.
By Ruthie Lewis

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Engaging Others To Excel by Karin Volo

Visualizing your great working relationships and your team’s success consistently are very powerful ways to enhance your leadership abilities. This session by Karin Volo, Chief Joy Bringer, gives you inspiration and motivation to step into your greatness as a leader and build a high performance team that succeeds time and time again.
By Karin Volo

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