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It’s YOUR Time by Sheree Clark

Midlife is the perfect time for a reconnection (or reinvention) around what you want for the rest of your time on the planet. This session by healthy lifestyle coach Sheree Clark gives you a renewed sense of possibility and the courage to take the next steps.
By Sheree Clark

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Lumari’s Alawashka Healing by Lumari

Lumari’s Alawashka® Healing Alawashka® channeled by Lumari, holds the highest frequencies, templates and blessings of creation, healing and joy. These special healing energies help you embrace the sacred, clear, heal and easily let go of limitations, move into a higher space of being, connect with your soul purpose and walk the path of joy.
By Lumari

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Perfect Child - Pregnancy, Preparing For Parenting by Kim Serafini

Deciding to have a baby is a wonderful, awe-evoking step. When the decision has been made to bring new life into our world, often we tend to think about the physical side of the process. This MindPT session by Kim Serafini is designed to help you create the right frame of mind in order to drastically increase your chances of becoming pregnant and enjoying your pregnancy and giving birth to your special soul: a perfectly healthy, happy and loving baby.
By Kim Serafini

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Creating Prosperity And abundance In All areas Of Life by Natasha Senkovich

Raising your vibration, feeling joyful, and deserving of abundance is the quickest way to achieve your dreams. When you are filled with joy, you become a magnet to money and love. In this session, you will feel empowered and inspired.
By Natasha Senkovich

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