Sessions by Personal Wellbeing

Cultivating And Operating from A Champion Mindset by Greg Jackson

Tune into Coach Greg Jackson’s words of wisdom, his truth statements and allow them to prime your mind for success. Allow for your inner Champion to rise up and help you execute your game plan for your athletic, corporate, entrepreneurial career!
By Greg Jackson

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The Art of Being A Phenomenally Successful Woman by Cynthia James

Choosing you is the most important and empowering thing that you can do. This session is about choosing YOU in different areas of life. Learn to claim the importance of your health in mind, body and spirit.
By Cynthia James

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Navigating The Journey Within by Christine Payne

“For things to change, I need to change. For things to get better, I need to get better”
By Christine Payne

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Personal Transformation & Empowerment by Melita Vlatko-Rulo

Imagine…living a meaningful life that sparkles with positivity, love, passion and absolute happiness. Ignite the fire in your belly, awaken your inner passion & power within and turn your hopes and dreams into reality, while transforming your life & wellbeing. Be empowered with the confidence and belief in yourself that absolutely anything is possible. Step into your power & radiate your inner beauty, passion and enthusiasm for life!
By Melita Vlatko-Rulo

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Increase Profits In Your Business by Ian Houghton

Discover how you can grow your business relationships that will create outstanding experiences that make your customers want to come back. Raise your awareness of the importance of customer service and meeting the needs they have.
By Ian Houghton

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I Am Thriving with PCOS

Begin to heal your body from PCOS and hormone imbalance by watching this transforming session with Robin Nielsen.
By Robin Nielsen

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Live Your Messy Brilliance by Kelly McNelis

Ready to make life happen, on your terms? Dive into your feminine power and live your messy brilliance by claiming the gifts that make you who you are. Throw away the so-called rules, connect with your innate wisdom and own your unique power and genius.
By Kelly McNelis

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Soul-Centered Self-Care™ by Marilena Minucci

Soul-Centered Self-Care™ is a renewable source of energy that flows from the essence of who you are. This session, designed by Quantum Coaching Method™ creator, Marilena Minucci, will help you intutively make caring for yourself a consistent priority in your daily life.
By Marilena Minucci

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The Greatest Law of  Attraction by Joe Vitale

The expert on Law of Attraction, Dr. Joe Vitale shares the wisdom you need to harness the power to manifest the miracles of your dreams.
By Joe Vitale

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Engaging Others To Excel by Karin Volo

Visualizing your great working relationships and your team’s success consistently are very powerful ways to enhance your leadership abilities. This session by Karin Volo, Chief Joy Bringer, gives you inspiration and motivation to step into your greatness as a leader and build a high performance team that succeeds time and time again.
By Karin Volo

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Supercharge Your Brain To be Clear, Focused & Unstoppable! by Leah Lund

Your brain changes every day and YOU can decide how it changes. This session by Brain Coach and Neuro Nutrient Therapist, Leah Lund will train your brain for health, happiness and success.
By Leah Lund

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