Sessions by Holistic Wellbeing

Crystal Clear Cognition by Maureen Garry

Feeling foggy in your thinking? Don’t worry, you can reverse brain fog and forgetfulness. This session by Maureen Garry will help you love improving your cognition while feeling great about yourself!
By Maureen Garry

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I Am Thriving with PCOS

Begin to heal your body from PCOS and hormone imbalance by watching this transforming session with Robin Nielsen.
By Robin Nielsen

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A Blissful Sleep/A Creative Mind by J. Ann Palomar

Better sleep = better days. Sleep plays an important role throughout our life. Quality sleep is essential for our physical/mental health and our creativity. Filling our minds with appreciation and positive thoughts can enhance our sleep, which is a key to having creative and fulfilling days.
By J. Ann Palomar

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Feeling Good On Purpose by Leah Lund

Feeling good is your natural design, but everyone can get off track sometimes. This session designed by Brain Coach and Neuro Nutrient Therapist Leah Lund will help you practice the CHOICE of feeling good!
By Leah Lund

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Supercharge Your Brain To be Clear, Focused & Unstoppable! by Leah Lund

Your brain changes every day and YOU can decide how it changes. This session by Brain Coach and Neuro Nutrient Therapist, Leah Lund will train your brain for health, happiness and success.
By Leah Lund

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