Sessions by Gratitude

An On Purpose Woman by Ginny Robertson

This session by Ginny Robertson aims to connect women around the world to their gifts, their purpose and each other.
By Ginny Robertson

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Accelerating Your Career and Living in JOY! by Karin Volo

Imagine loving your work and living the life you’ve dreamed of having? Bring your best self to your work. Inspire your team and co-workers. Be A High Performer and live in joy!
By Karin Volo

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Find And Live Your Soul’s Calling by Shivany Gonell

You are committed to living a deeply fulfilling life and part of enjoying that is knowing why you were put on this earth! Move forward to the life you were destined to live. It’s possible! And you deserve it. Here’s to the joy of being YOU!
By Shivany Gonell

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