Your Leadership Coach by Laura Scott

Prime your brain for confident, fully-conscious leadership using this mindset-shifting session from Executive and Leadership Coach Laura Scott. Using her favourite empowering questions and positive and courageous statements, Laura invites you to pause and shift to creatively engage the executive decision-making part of your brain. Feel confident, expansive, resilient, creative, and curious as you engage your team, earn trust, and lead intentionally and masterfully, with the full appreciation of your impact, your influence, and your presence.
By Laura Scott

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Laura Scott

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Your Leadership Coach is designed for intentional leaders on the path to self mastery; Leaders who want to be fully present and consciously engaged and more resilient, strategic, and intentional around how they lead and communicate. 

Your Leadership Coach primes the brain for positive engagement and prompts you to intentionally respond— rather than react—to workplace issues, challenges, and triggers. Through energy-shifting statements and empowering questions, you are invited to pause, observe, reflect, strategize and choose how you want to show up as a leader. Inspiring images and gratitude statements that remind you that you do make a difference--every day!
Executive and Leadership Coach, Laura Scott brings her love of coaching, neuroscience, and intentional leadership to this engaging and empowering session with the appreciation that fully-conscious leaders, living their values and earning our trust, are positively changing our workplaces and our world.

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