Your Soul Is A Miracle by Tania Gabrielle

This session will invite you to immerse yourself in unconditional love and self acceptance so you embody the light and joy of your soul's mission and love your life into reality.
By Tania Gabrielle

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Tania Gabrielle


It's easy to feel out of touch with your purpose and get disconnected from living the true meaning of your life. This empowering and uplifting session will celebrate your unique beauty and help you rediscover and embrace your true soul purpose. Immerse yourself in a divine dose of love and joy as Wealth Astro-Numerologist, Tania Gabrielle, opens up your heart. Feel your your soul light up as you are cradled by love and inspiration. This session allows you to set yourself free from self-judgment and express your birth promise freely and fully. As a result you'll create moment-by-moment miracles!

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