Unstoppable Courage by Rena Romano

Rena Romano invites you to embrace your own unique “Unstoppable Courage” and harness a Positive Mindset to feel empowered, worthy, loved and welcome into your heart the joy of living in gratitude.
By Rena Romano

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Rena Romano


“Unstoppable Courage” is designed for women who have experienced child abuse, sexual trauma and domestic violence and have been working through traditional therapies of healing. This MindPT session by Rena Romano Survivor/Advocate is designed so that it can assist in healing and empowering those who want to shift their negative self-limiting mindset to a more positive self-healing thought process. Through positive statements, empowering questions and uplifting affirmations you are invited to choose how you want to engage this program. Discover your own unique “Unstoppable Courage” to live confidently and Joyfully in your life; be happy, and celebrate your gift to persevere and live your life as you choose too.

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