True Health Freedom by Maria Whalen

This Positive Prime session is about attaining True Health Freedom. Maria Whalen. If health freedom, liberation, and independence are important to you and you want to protect your greatest asset, YOU, then you must experience the powerful presentation by author, international speaker and leader of the Self Sufficiency Movement, Maria Whalen.
By Maria Whalen

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Maria Whalen


Being my best came from being a warrior for my own freedom.  Freedom in many ways, first off, healing myself when I was told I would live with 3 rare diseases for the rest of my life.  Stepped in to the gifts and uniqueness I was created with, with unapologetic reckless abandon, and lived from that place - making my voice and actions congruent with that knowing.  Operating only from what is possible.  Warrior life, focused on focused on freeing slaves, even those who didn't know they were slaves - opening the doors to the same freedoms I fought for.

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