Transcending Trauma by Dr. Diane Shelton

The journey of healing after a traumatic experience can be long, take twists and turns, and can leave you feeling alone in the process. This session has been created with the very words and sentiments of others who have been on the same journey and is a gift to ‘pay it forward’ for yours.
By Dr Diane Shelton

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Dr Diane Shelton


When something traumatic happens in life, it can feel like everything needs to be redefined, like nothing is familiar and you have no control in life.  While you might not have had any control over the event, you CAN control how you respond and that is a key factor in the journey to transcend the experience.  Hope is essential in the process, which can also be hard to grasp in this situation.  The journey can be long, take unexpected turns and feel like you’re all alone, too.  But you aren’t.  You have this session, which is built on the words and experiences of others who have transcended trauma, who bring you a ‘virtual’ personal partner in each viewing to cheer you on and support you every step of the way.  Healing your mind is a contribution to a healthier world, and that world has just paid it forward to help you.

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