Train Your Brain for Abundance by Dana Wilde

What if money was like air? What if allowing money to flow into your life, was just like allowing oxygen to flow into your lungs? What if it was that easy? When you Train Your Brain for Abundance, you allow wealth to flow into your life freely and easily.
By Dana Wilde

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Dana Wilde

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This session is for you if you’re just making ends meet, but not living the good life. Or maybe you feel financially stressed or worried (and it may not even make sense why you feel that way.) Or perhaps you compare prices for your purchases or feel like you have to budget for the things you really want in life.

In this Positive Prime session, Dana Wilde helps you to Train Your Brain for financial freedom and truly allow abundance, in all of its forms, to flow easily and freely into your life -- an abundance of money, time, supportive connections, and self-love flowing into your life freely and easily. Imagine feeling that abundance and wealth are as free as the air around you.

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