The Spirited Coach

Be authentic, be spirited, be YOU! Watch this session by speaker and coach Kate Osborne, and learn to coach yourself and experience your greatest achievements yet.
By Kate Osborne

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Kate Osborne


Mentality is everything. We often forget just how much our inner world affects our outer world. The Spirited Coach is just what you need to jumpstart your own positive thinking! Kate Osborne, life coach, and successful business mentor suggests that character in business determines your success. No matter what goals you have in mind when it comes to your business or your life, this valuable Positive Prime session will expand your mindset and teach you to grow as both a team player and leader. You will learn to influence your thought patterns, and in turn, foster healthier habits... By doing this, you will cultivate more joy in your everyday life, gain clarity in your vision, and become even more successful as a result!

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