The Insider's Guide to Living Brilliantly by Danielle Mackinnon

Your beliefs are the driving factors behind your choices in life. In this Positive Prime session, intuitive Danielle Mackinnon helps you change your negative beliefs into positive ones.
By Danielle Mackinnon

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Danielle Mackinnon


Beliefs are the driving factors behind your decisions, your behavior, and behind what you attract into your life. Many people are unaware that their negative beliefs even exist! This session by intuitive Danielle MacKinnon will assist you in focusing on the positive side of beliefs held at the soul level so that you can begin to experience a life in which you BELIEVE (and therefore experience) that you are worthy, deserving, lovable, safe, supported, protected, and awesome. And when you go through life with beliefs like that, your life will naturally re-align with those beliefs. 

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