The Gift Of Divorce by Kim Korven

In this session, you will walk the Peaceful Divorce Path, and will move from trauma and misery to a state of grace in which it is possible to create a new family normal full of joy and abundance.
By Kim Korven

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Kim Korven


Parents often stay trapped in marriages because they fear harming their children. When they do split up, the process is traumatic for the entire family, and the children feel caught in the middle. It isn’t divorce that harms children; conflict is the problem. It is possible to divorce differently. Divorce does not need to be characterized by misery and trauma. Kim Korven, mediator, former lawyer, and judo coach, created a Peaceful Divorce Path which moved her family from conflict and misery to a calm and peaceful new family normal that is characterized by joy and abundance. Her children are happier and healthier now than when she lived with their father. Their children have excellent relationships with both their parents. In this session, Kim shares the foundational concepts and affirmations which she used on the peaceful divorce path. This way, you can will possess the foundation for moving your family from conflict and trauma to peace and happiness.

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