Raise Your Worthiness Quotient by Terri Britt

Break through your glass ceilings! In this session, Terri Britt, guides you to love and nurture yourself into a high Worthiness Quotient so you become a master manifester of abundance and miracles!
By Terri Britt

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Terri Britt


Your Worthiness Quotient is the key component to breaking through all of your glass ceilings, whether with work, home, relationships or health, and it’s based in the vibration you hold. You raise your WQ by shifting your vibration to unconditional love. Unconditional love = abundance. And because energy attracts like energy, as you hold this vibration, you open up to receive the things you want. In this session, former Miss USA, spiritual coach and energetic healer, Terri Britt, guides you to nurture yourself into inner abundance so you become a magnet for outer abundance. And as you do, you step off of the societal hamster wheel of stress and struggle, and become a master manifester of peace, passion, prosperity, love and even miracles!

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