Profitable Patterns

Learn how to create profitable patterns and develop essential skills, attributes, and values necessary for sustainable success, rewarding relationships, and continual growth.
By Cheryl Valk

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Cheryl Valk

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 Cheryl Valk is the CEO of Savvy in Life / Synergy of Success® and the Vice President of Scheele Learning Systems. She has studied the common patterns which emerge from the desire to succeed. Her work shares how to transform these common patterns into profitable patterns and develop the skills, attributes, and values which lead to extraordinary experiences, sustainable success, and rewarding relationships. She is the creator of Profitable Pattern Technology™ and identified The Kaleidoscopic Factor® as the hidden force determining the nature of all outcomes in every company. Cheryl speaks, mentors, trains, and consults to propel the expression of the full potential within companies and people. Her expertise developed as she made significant contributions to a wide range of fields including medical research, pharmaceutical sales management, real estate development, homecare, food and beverage, hospitality, training, consulting, mentoring, human potential, and organization development. Cheryl loves to teach, mentor, speak, write, and consult with the intention to promote a more fulfilling world for millions of people.

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