Find Your Happy, Positive & Empowered Self by Melita Vlatko-Rulo

Discover your passion, purpose and zest for life, optimise your health & wellbeing and revitalise your mind, body and soul. It’s time to release limiting beliefs, boost your confidence, self-esteem and belief in yourself and increase your happiness, wellbeing and personal fulfilment. Bring your hopes and dreams into reality, feel a deep sense of self and find your happy, positive and empowered self in your journey to ‘Personal Transformation and Empowerment’.
By Melita Vlatko-Rulo

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Melita Vlatko-Rulo


Discover your Passion, Purpose and Zest for Life, optimise your wellbeing, revitalise your mind, body and soul and experience a deep sense of self. 

Find your happy, positive and empowered self in your journey to ‘Personal Transformation and Empowerment’.

As a mother, we focus all our time and energy, looking after the needs and wants of others. In the process, we can lose our own sense of self. We forget to even think about what we want or need, and we end up pushing aside our own dreams and desires.

Then when our children are more independent, and we finally have the time to think about ourselves, we have no idea where to start or what we even want. 
It’s time to ignite that fire in your belly, figure out what you want, step out of your comfort zone and into your power and bring your hopes, dreams and goals into reality to live an enriched and meaningful life you love with a passion. 

Imagine…Radiating confidence, energy and vitality.
Imagine…Feeling inspired, determined and motivated creating the life you want
Imagine…Rediscovering your passion for life and yourself
Imagine…Feeling comfortable and happy in your own skin 

Gorgeous lady…It is possible to release your limiting beliefs, discover solutions to obstacles that have been holding you back and find your happy, positive and empowered self!

Are you ready to boost your positivity, confidence and self-esteem and increase your happiness, health and wellbeing

Are you ready to transform your inner health and wellbeing and get your energetic, fit and confident sexy back?

Experience what it feels like to…

•    Deepen your sense of self
•    Reach your highest potential
•    Feel worthy and deserving with faith and belief in yourself
•    Alleviate stress, anxiety & depression
•    Have the ability to cope better with whatever life throws at you and…

Develop the positive and empowered mindset and belief system that will help you discover and achieve whatever your heart desires.

If you know it’s time to…

•    Step into your power 
•    Figure out what you want 
•    Feel empowered & confident
•    Experience optimal wellbeing 
•    Revitalise your mind, body & soul and…

If you know it’s time to... Live with passion and purpose…

It’s your time to shine and ‘Thrive as a Woman AND Mother’ 
It’s your time to find your ‘Happy, Positive & Empowered self’ in your journey to ‘Personal Transformation & Empowerment’.


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