Perfect Child - Pregnancy, Preparing For Parenting by Kim Serafini

Deciding to have a baby is a wonderful, awe-evoking step. When the decision has been made to bring new life into our world, often we tend to think about the physical side of the process. This Positive Prime session by Kim Serafini is designed to help you create the right frame of mind in order to drastically increase your chances of becoming pregnant and enjoying your pregnancy and giving birth to your special soul: a perfectly healthy, happy and loving baby.
By Kim Serafini

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Kim Serafini

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Using this Positive Prime session will help you create the right emotional state, environment, and frame of mind, increasing your chances of successfully becoming pregnant. Having relaxed, positive, and confident thoughts will send the right messages to your body and help to align your mind-body connection which will get everything inside you working towards the most beautiful goal of all, the creation of life! In order for you to manifest an idea into reality, you first have to create a thought, then you have to express this thought either verbally or mentally in the form of a sentence or an image and then you have to choose the actions necessary to manifest it.

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