Peace and Productivity by Dina Proctor

Peace and productivity are not mutually exclusive. Focus on your task, de-stress, and unleash your creativity to be more effective and efficient.
By Dina Proctor

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Dina Proctor

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Are you struggling to stay focused and on-task? Are you stressed out about getting it all done? Do you feel that in order to achieve, you must sacrifice inner peace and joy? Most people think that peace and productivity are mutually exclusive… but they’re not, even though it seems that in our hurry-up information-overwhelmed world, it’s not easy to stay serenely focused. Dina Proctor, Creator of the amazing 3x3 Meditation technique, has created this Session to help you get into the Zone using short bursts of focused meditation throughout the day, to rewire your thinking to support the abundance and success you desire. You’ll de-stress, prime yourself for focus and concentration, and unleash your creativity to accomplish more with less effort (effectively) and in less time (efficiently).

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