Pause for Self Mastery and Resiliency

Executive and Life Coach Laura Scott invites you to Pause, apply the brain brake, shift from negative to positive, and engage the “thinking” brain. Feel calm, expansive, resilient, and empowered as the master of your response to life, and lead with intention, gratitude, wisdom, and wit, with the full appreciation of your power and your presence.
By Laura Scott

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Laura Scott

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Pause is designed for those on the path to self mastery who want to be more present and consciously engaged with life and work and more resilient, strategic, and intentional around how you lead and show up in the world. 

The Pause session primes the brain to make the shift from the reptile brain to the thinking brain and prompts you to intentionally respond— rather than react—to circumstances and triggers. Through energy-shifting statements and empowering questions, you are invited to pause and choose how you want to show up, engage, and experience this moment.

Executive and Life Coach, Laura Scott brings her love of coaching, neuroscience, and laughter to this engaging and empowering session with the core belief that whatever happens in life, “You can handle this!”

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