Patience by Kim Serafini

Patience is optimistic expectation; an energy that expresses our faith & trust that all will be well and that our heart’s desires will be achieved in a graceful & timely way. It’s the embodiment of “non-attachment”… It’s surrendering and allowing. It’s a wise response to life. It can be a powerful, emotionally freeing practice of observing and consciously choosing when to act. If you have ever acted impulsively without considering the consequences, this session will be valuable to you. If you’re on the journey towards becoming more empathetic and compassionate we would prescribe watching this session several times a day for several days in a row & then setting yourself a reminder to “repeat” each month.
By Kim Serafini

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Kim Serafini

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Developing patience is important for GRIT, perseverance, tolerance and all of these attributes are essential for success. It’s also elegant. 
When you want to feel deeply connected to the rhythms of life watch this Session. When you want to nurture love, watch this session. 
Unfortunately, in today’s society we have come to expect the instantaneous, the rapid, the quick, the get-it-done-right-now, the short-cut and the overnight-success… Even though being proactive is necessary, we must have balance. 
When you must wait a little longer for something even better to occur, pause and watch this Positive Prime session. When you have to stick with it and there is a reason for hope enjoy this reminder and use the tool. 
Patience allows you to take back control over the capricious and unstable world and plant that control firmly within yourself.  Patience does not give you the power over circumstances; patience allows you to control yourself in the midst of circumstances. 

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