Because it’s Never Too Late To Be Happy by Mike Picone

This session will help you to relax and find that happy place inside yourself. Smiles are contagious and resonate that vibration of peace and love that dissolves stress, and awakens the aspect of wholeness that is deep inside each one of us.
By Mike Picone

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Mike Picone


Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy, as we become exactly what we think and feel throughout this grand adventure. No matter where we are stuck, or how bad things can get, all we need to do is have some hope that it will get better, and it will. Being grateful and having appreciation for what we have right now, no matter how little this may be, is the best way that we can bring into manifestation what we truly desire. In this time of great awakening it is so important to become the best versions of ourselves, to love more fully, stay more present, and open our hearts up to the possibilities that are all around us.

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