Mind power by Kim Serafini

Discover just how powerful your mind really is - including the science of how thoughts create reality - and how you can harness its incredible power to achieve your goals and bring your dreams to life.
By Kim Serafini

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Kim Serafini

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Just how powerful is your mind? Wow – wait ‘til you unleash its full power! In this Session, you will gain insight into how amazingly powerful your mind really is. This Session will de-stress you (excess and chronic stress being a huge inhibitor of creativity and mental faculties), simultaneously energize you to take action on your goals with innovative thinking and out-of-the-box behavior, and help you focus on your priorities and goals. You’ll learn how your brain acquires and processes information and how you can create positive automatic thought habits that move you in the right direction for you! Kim Serafini – internationally recognized transformational leader and Founder & Creator of Positive Prime has created this brain-boosting Session to help you achieve your goals, in all areas of your life!

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