Manifest Your Dream by Dr Sharon Ufberg and Alexis Sclamberg

Believe and you can achieve! Dr Sharon Ufberg and Alexis Sclamberg, Esq. know it is possible to live your dream life -- no matter how outrageous it may seem -- by discovering how to tap into your power and that of the universe.
By Alexis Sclamberg , Dr Sharon Ufberg

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Alexis Sclamberg
Dr Sharon Ufberg


Wisdom is everywhere. It is around us, and it is within us. Mother-daughter, doctor-lawyer duo and manifestation masters Dr. Sharon Ufberg and Alexis created this session to help others draw upon their power and manifest their biggest dreams into reality. Alexis and Dr. Sharon support people in getting the love, wealth, health, and happiness they want. This session promotes the idea that we experience tremendous joy and freedom when we live passionately and in alignment with what we most desire. We can encounter love and life like never before when we trust in ourselves and believe in our immeasurable potential as human beings. Once you access your power within, limitless possibilities await you!

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