Magnetic Me - An Ode To Our Touch Sense by Cornelia Nielsen

Come inside and truly sense, what you desire for yourself- for others; what others desire? Go out and fully enjoy the sensual experience of those dreams constantly realised in magnetic synergy!
By Cornelia Nielsen

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Cornelia Nielsen


Awareness and connecting are at the basis of every communication and directed action.
Come inside to explore and wonder how you connect with yourself and with the world through your sense of touch. 
Strengthen your awareness and ability to truly connect in person in a digital world where so many are touch deprived. 
For the sake of you, 
your loved ones, 
your business partners
those you serve in business
the world around us with all its discovered and undiscovered magic.
Allow yourself to be moved and feel excited: discover that with every moment every connection is ever changing. Truly connect with yourself. Find yourself in magnetic synergy with people and events

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