Living In the Miracle Zone by Debra Poneman and Marci Shimoff

Do you believe in miracles? Miracles are everywhere and when you learn to live in "The Miracle Zone" your life will change in the most delightful ways!
By Debra Poneman , Marci Shimoff

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Do you believe in miracles? Many people believe that miracles occur rarely, and to other people. The truth is, miracles - or unexpected benefits - are everywhere, and they occur all the time - but most of us are not aware of them, or do not appreciate that most things in life are actually miracles. It can be said that life itself is a miracle, and that goes for all of the experiences in it - some are obviously miraculous while others bring miracles at a later date. And, you can learn to create a truly amazing and fulfilling life, when you learn to enter "The Miracle Zone" where you become the driving force, or the conscious creator, of your life experience. Happiness expert Marci Shimoff and success expert Debra Poneman have teamed up to bring you this gorgeous life-affirming, self-trusting session that will help you relax into becoming aware of miracles, deeply appreciating them (and thus attracting more) and most importantly, getting out of your own way and allowing miracles to come into your life daily. It's a beautiful way to get the most out of life and guide it toward its highest expression!

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