Live Your Messy Brilliance by Kelly McNelis

Ready to make life happen, on your terms? Dive into your feminine power and live your messy brilliance by claiming the gifts that make you who you are. Throw away the so-called rules, connect with your innate wisdom and own your unique power and genius.
By Kelly McNelis

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Kelly McNelis


Live Your Messy Brilliance is a session from author, advocate, and Women For One founder Kelly McNelis—who draws upon years of working with women of all backgrounds from all over the world. Kelly references valuable life lessons, as well as takeaways from some of the courageous souls she has met along the way, to drive home a singular point: In order to make life happen on your own terms, and to claim your unique power and genius in the world, you must be willing to claim your beautiful, complex, messy brilliance! Many of us are told that the key to doing all of this is fitting into someone else’s preconceived ideas about power and purpose—but in truth, finding our power as women depends on our capacity to creatively weave together our “light” and our “darkness,” and to unapologetically own every piece of it! Kelly gives you valuable tools to dive into your messiness to create the life of your dreams.

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