Let Your Glow Show by Ruthie Lewis

Let Your Glow Show is a MindPT session intent on shining the light on you and giving you permission to shine all your divine brightness and beauty to the world. You are a gift meant to be shared. You have permission to be you – all of you! You have permission to live the life you want, free from have-to / supposed-to.
By Ruthie Lewis

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Ruthie Lewis


Beliefs about what a girl “should” be, “should” do, about negative self-talk being humility, that pleasing everyone else and living up to everyone’s expectations makes me “good,” created a lifeless soul light that could not be seen by me or anyone else.  But my light, passions, the things I love, became too loud and demanded permission to be set free.  Nothing brings me more joy than to see women be led by their hearts in their light rather than living a life dictated by worn out beliefs, and all the shoulds that have been embedded into our very soul.

It’s time to reprogram and Let Your Glow Show!  The world needs your light!

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