Learn To Exhale Through Life’s Transitions by Michelle Dyett-Welcome

Transition into MORE: This session will assist you to face challenges, overcome resistance, and establish balance, peace and harmony as you transition into the life you really want.
By Michelle Dyett-Welcome

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Michelle Dyett-Welcome


Transitions are a hallmark of life. Every one is faced with the choice to be more and achieve more. This session by Michelle Dyett-Welcome gives you a new opportunity to experience transitioning to MORE of what you desire with peace, calm and ease.

Transition into MORE: This powerful session is designed to help you move forward as you encounter the difficult and challenging transitions of life. Breathe easier. Feel more relaxed. Create a sense of peace and positive wellbeing. Increase your energetic response as you respond to stressful situations. Be the cause of your life and not at the effect of it.  

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