Embody the entrepreneur's success mindset to avoid the traps of fear, self-doubt and indecision, so you can bring your wonderful idea to the market and to massive success!
By Cortney Devlin , Jenn Aubert

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Cortney Devlin
Jenn Aubert


LearnSavvy business coaches Jenn Aubert and Cortney Devlin have created this powerful session to help entrepreneurs, particularly female entrepreneurs, succeed in a highly competitive marketplace by giving them the entrepreneurial mindset of success. Business is more than just having a great idea; it takes getting the idea to market in the most effective and efficent way, and yet many entrepreneurs are busy reinventing the wheel and going about things the hard way, causing unnecessary delays in their success. Step one is to embody (think, breathe and live) an empowered entrepreneur's mindset - and this session will help new and seasoned entrepreneurs create that mindset, allowing them to be more alert to opportunities, bolder in their decision-making and able to persevere through obstacles until they achieve the success they dream of - and more!

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