Focus For Increasing Income

Prime your brain to seek out income producing opportunities that you may not be aware of right now, so you can quickly increase your income.
By Kim Serafini

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Kim Serafini

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Increasing your income does not necessarily mean finding the “perfect job” (e.g. one that pays really well) since many high-paying jobs also come with incredible stress and long hours, and end up diminishing your quality of life (at which point, all the wealth isn't worth it). There are many ways to increase your income, and this Session focuses on “priming” your brain to seek out those opportunities that you may not be aware of right now, while at the same time empowering you to stay true to your values and desires to maintain (or achieve) a certain quality of life. Kim Serafini is an internationally recognized transformational leader and Positive Prime Creator & Founder, and designer of this Positive Prime Session. It upgrades your mindset to SEE and SEEK moneymaking avenues and opportunities so you can quickly achieve your desire of increasing your income and living a life of prosperity.

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