Improving Performance by Kym Jackson

Activate and supercharge your inner strength and confidence before a major presentation, audition, interview, test, performance, wedding, speech, meeting, social event, or any big moment in life.
By Kym Jackson

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Kym Jackson


Before any moment in which we push our boundaries and step outside our comfort zone, we feel nervous, stressed, and anxious… often to the point that it can negatively affect our performance and ability to function at our best.  This is simply a triggered fight or flight response due to pressure, fear of the unknown, and fear of change.  This unique session, by author and actress Kym Jackson, is specifically tailored to be watched just before an audition, speech, interview, or major life event. Each of the handpicked images and meticulously crafted statements will calm your nerves, trigger your subconscious mind to tap into the stores of power you have inside, and enable you to access the abundant inner strength you need to be the best version of yourself when it matters most.

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