From Heartache to Joy by Eram Saeed

To lift the weight of heartbreak and be happy again, turn to the nurturing, inspiring guidance in "From Heartache to Joy," by women's empowerment coach Eram Saeed.
By Eram Saeed

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Eram Saeed


It may seem impossible to lift the weight of heartbreak... to see through the tears... or to imagine that life could be wonderful again. Persistent negative thoughts and emotions change your brain chemistry and make it hard to move forward with life. But there's hope, in the form of a simple intervention that will help you see the miracles and beauty of life! "From Heartache to Joy" is a beautiful, transformational Session by women's empowerment coach Eram Saeed. Just by watching this stunning video every day, you will rewire your brain to prefer happy, loving and positive thoughts and emotions - to heal you, nurture you, inspire you, empower you and gently guide you forward to a life of joy and fulfillment.  

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