Healing Hurt by Dr Aimee Sanchez

The neurophyisiological approach to addressing your pain from the past so that you can be healed and released to experience real abundance and fulfillment in your future. This Positive Prime session created by Dr. Aimée V. Sanchez, Ph.D., gives you a new approach to healing hurt.
By Aimée V. Sanchez

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Aimée V. Sanchez


Have you been hurt? Do you still remember the pain from your past?

Many of us have suffered abuse, physical or emotional abuse. Many of these abuses have left lasting emotional effects. Without attention to our need to heal, many of us may continue to experience feelings of fear, shame, guilt, blame, self judgement; or, overwhelming desires to be perfect.

Eventually these emotional areas leave us feeling stuck and lacking in our ability to fully realize or attain financial, professional, and personal abundance.

Healing is the single most powerful way to enhance the quality of your life and relationships. This Positive Prime session created by Dr. Aimée V. Sanchez, Ph.D., will open your heart and your mind to unleashing the true power of abundance by understanding the importance of processing through past and current hurts. Also, it will elevate your view of yourself, increase courage and love for yourself, and, teach you how to care for your own healing needs. As a result of this session, you will learn that healing is a natural and universal response to every human’s desire for love, acceptance and worthiness. Also, you will become more compassionate and understanding, and in so doing, enhance every interaction with others.


Watch this, process the pain, and, feel lighter as a result of watching the Positive Prime session.


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