Heal Your Heart by Orna & Matthew Walters

This healing session will allow you to heal your past heartaches and heartbreaks so that you can embrace the happiness and joy of the present moment.
By Orna & Matthew Walters

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Orna & Matthew Walters

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Holding onto past mistakes, disappointments and hearbreaks will keep you from feeling the happiness you deserve. This session by Orna and Matthew Walters, founders of Creating Love On Purpose will guide you on a journey of healing your heart so you can release the past. There is a famous quote that says holding onto past hurts is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Release yourself from the poison of your hurt, anger, resentment, and pain by going on a healing journey to bring your heart back to wholeness. When you can learn the lessons of the past and release yourself from its bonds, you will discover the joy and happiness that is your birthright. 

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