Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff

You truly do not need a reason to be happy, right now! The choice is yours! Let "Happy For No Reason" empower you to make the happiness choice, now.
By Marci Shimoff

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Marci Shimoff

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Do you believe that you will be happy, if and when something happens? Many people believe that they will be happy "when" - when they are in the perfect relationship, when they get their dream job, when they finally achieve some goal, or lose those last ten pounds. The truth is, happiness is not dependent on any external situation or condition. You don't need to be in a great relationship to be happy. You don't need the perfect job to be happy. You don't need to be at your ideal weight to be happy. It's simply a matter of making a choice to be happy. This may very well be the single most important decision you can make, because success in any area of life depends on your happiness! Even great achievements can ring hollow if you aren't happy while you are in the process of making them happen! Happiness expert Marci Shimoff, author of "Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul" and many other beloved titles, has created "Happy For No Reason" based on her best-selling book by the same title. Let this session empower you to look beyond "what is" - to dig into the appreciation for life and its many varied experiences - and elevate your life by choosing happiness!

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