Financial Forgiveness by Karen Russo

Stop the pain and drain of feeling like a money victim! Break free from the guilt and shame of past money choices and stories that block prosperity... discover abundance and joy, and thrive!
By Karen Russo

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Karen Russo

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Financial Forgiveness stops the pain and drain of feeling like a money victim!  If your past money choices and stories are blocking you from your prosperity today, it’s time to break free from the guilt, shame and upset and thrive.  Discover more abundance and joy right now. Too many smart, talented, hardworking individuals get stuck in moving forward financially—without realizing why.  Often there are lingering doubts, fears and self-talk about money that stifle progress today.  The Financial Forgiveness session is designed to quickly transform this past energy into greater self-love with more innovation and energy for your work—which directly leads to financial results. Karen Russo, "Your Spiritual Guide in Wealth" and author of "The Money Keys" will help you move from surviving to thriving in an encouraging and forgiving way. Change your money story today!

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