Easily Write Your Book by Christine Kloser

Writing your book can be powerful, joyful and life-changing for you… and your readers. This session by renown author, publisher and transformational coach, Christine Kloser, sets you up for writing success.
By Christine Kloser

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Christine Kloser


If you’ve dreamed of writing a book “someday” but haven’t started (or finished) your manuscript yet, this session is the boost you need to get your mind, body and soul ready to write with speed and ease.  Most aspiring authors face a few key challenges like finding time to write, handling doubt or fear, procrastination, honing their topic, and believe their words will make a difference.  After more than a decade of coaching and mentoring transformational authors, Christine shares in her Positive Prime session the mindset shifts that have helped her clients write their books easily, and gracefully, and step forward as the author they were born to be.  Many of her authors have become best-sellers, signed contracts with traditional publishers, and appeared on major media worldwide include TEDx.  Your author dream is possible and it’s closer than you think with this Positive Prime session!

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