Deeper Intimacy, Better Sex by Ben and Jen Rode

Having deeper intimacy and better sex is simple when you have the map. This session by Explosive Sexual Healing creators, Ben and Jen Rode will install that map into your unconscious mind.
By Ben And Jen Rode

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Ben And Jen Rode

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Strong women from all over the world fly into San Diego Ca to experience the revolutionary healing modality, Explosive Sexual Healing, with Ben and Jen Rode. Ben and Jen have cracked the code to creating long lasting intimacy, allowing women to have the best sex of their life no matter how long they have been in their relationship. Ben and Jen also work with women who have never achieved orgasm, and through a process that creates new patterns in the brain, allows them to reach a state of 30 minutes of Full Release G-Spot orgasm. Start to create those new patterns for yourself now with this life changing session.

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