Cultivating Confidence

Cultivate the confidence that springs naturally from your inner resources as you learn to embrace, appreciate and love yourself.
By Lori West

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Lori West


Confidence is a quality that may elude you at times, primarily because it’s so misunderstood! Do you ever place the needs of others ahead of your own? Do you ever feel as if you’ve betrayed yourself by saying or doing something that doesn’t feel aligned with who you want to be? Cultivating genuine confidence does not begin with changing your behavior. It begins by cultivating a deep and profoundly loving relationship with yourself, in which you trust and honour yourself and your needs as worthy. When you cultivate this level of being, the deep wellspring of self-love and self-respect that is available to you will serve as the Source of your thoughts, words and actions. You will radiate with confidence and pulse with magnetism. THIS is the essence of true confidence.

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