Conscious Recovery by Sherry Gaba

There is not just one way to conquer your habits and addictions. This session with Sherry Gaba, gives you another serene and peaceful path for your journey of recovery.
By Sherry Gaba

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Sherry Gaba


If you suffer from any addiction – you are not alone!
Do you feel stuck with self-sabotaging behaviors that are slowing killing everything that’s good in your life?
Do you wake up every morning paralyzed with guilt and shame telling yourself maybe tomorrow it will get better… but it never does?
Do you feel frozen with fear over the truth about your behaviors?  

I’ve seen firsthand the terrible grip that addition can place on someone’s life.
It can leave you living in fear, lies, and feeling totally powerless to the addiction… whether it’s food, gambling, debting, sex, the internet or alcohol.

This session will help you clarify what is underneath your addictions so you can get to the root of your problems.  You can change your life story at anytime. Anyone, no matter where they are, has the power to meet seemingly insurmountable odds to transform their life.

Are you ready to heal and take back your life?
I’ll give you the exact steps you need to use to take back your life from not only your addictions but help you find purpose in your life once again.
I am here to help you feel confident and happy again, form positive beliefs and habits, and BUILD a powerful new life that’s full of peace, love and happiness…

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