Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit in Grace by Lorraine Miller

Life is filled with detours, changes and surprises. Finding who you are during each of these turns can be difficult. The goal is to discover your authentic self and live a life of balance and peace. This session is about being aware of your mind, body and spirit and striving to achieve the best holistic presence in this world for yourself and those around you.
By Lorraine Miller

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Lorraine Miller


Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit in Grace is about breaking through the layers of armor that you’ve developed over a lifetime to discover your true authentic self. Caring for your mind by using positive influences, journaling, meditation, connection to others and exercise. Caring for your body by eating nutritious foods from the earth, drinking plenty of water, noticing how your body feels and reacting to those feelings as well as knowing and following your intuition, learning to breath and daily exercise for flow. Caring for your spirit by opening yourself up to your inner sense of peace, tranquility and connection to a greater source. Learning to know ourselves can be one of the most difficult tasks we undertake.  Join Lorraine as you awaken to all parts of who you are and who you are meant to be for yourself, your family, friends and the world.  You are a special, beautiful person that has a purpose - begin the journey today and find YOU.

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