Confidence by Kim Serafini

Confidence is liberating & it’s also very attractive, especially when it’s coupled with humility. It’s one of the keys to life. These messages are designed to help you to keep on keeping on; or perhaps having the faith to launch & taking the leap. Develop your self-reliance through the suggestions, advice & lessons presented. This will be a prized Session if you’re aiming for the moon & beyond.
By Kim Serafini

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Kim Serafini

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Ever wondered what people who attempt exceptionally daring feats think & feel in order to behave proactively and ensure that they succeed on their own terms? Well, you can adopt this powerful belief in your abilities. If you’re looking at fear in the face & you want to seize an opportunity & need support we recommend engaging in the experience of watching this Positive Prime Session. If you’d like to learn more about Confidence you’ll find this informative as well as inspiring. This Session could be ideal for you if you must give yourself a boost before an important undertaking. Develop your faith in yourself. Add this to your library and pair it with the Session focused on Patience. Share it too as you strive for your worthy goals. 

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