Cheers, To The Very Best! by Kenyette Kilpatrick

Life is meant to be lived abundantly! Live your bliss today with gentle reminders from discovery and inspirational coach Kenyette Kilpatrick.
By Kenyette Kilpatrick

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Kenyette Kilpatrick


It's time... to raise your glasses for a toast and say CHEERS to the very best: YOU! It's time to unleash the greatest you and live your bliss - that means having the courage to live life in the best and most meaningful way for you. Unafraid, unabashed, unintimidated. Cheers! To the Very Best allows you to realize life is meant to be abundantly lived! When you take time to show gratitude and look within, you realize everything you need to live your bliss today is already available to you. Gentle reminders from discovery and inspirational coach Kenyette Kilpatrick. Every day we are bombarded with negative images on television, on the internet and many times in conversations with loved ones. Much of it is called “entertainment.” Unfortunately, this news and “entertainment” has adverse effects on our thinking, mindset and ultimately on our lives. To break free and truly embrace the mindset and life you are meant to live, you have to be vigilant and make the decision that enough is enough. You are not what the world tells you, but a valuable and important individual who’s gifts are exactly what the world needs right now. Cheers, to the Very Best! is an excellent daily reminder to look for positive signs in your life and to strive to live your very best life. Know that you make a difference. Step into living the life you were designed to live by watching this empowering session with Kenyette Kilpatrick and start to Live Your Bliss Today!

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