Charismatic Connections for Thriving by Dr Sangeeta Sahi

Charisma brings in magnetism, grace, playfulness, gratitude, appreciation and non attachment for us to develop and nurture safe connections with each other responsibly and respectfully.
By Dr Sangeeta Sahi

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Dr Sangeeta Sahi


The nature of thriving is connection. Thriving is beyond surviving. Thriving allows us to step into the paradigm of opening up to our own unique blueprint of life, for us to understand and appreciate that we have a purpose for our existence here and this purpose is programmed into our soul’s blueprint. To open this we need to connect with our own Self and with like minded people in our world walking a similar path. This support and connection is vital for each person to feel supported, nurtured, respected, needed, loved and honoured for their part in the Whole that is evolving at this moment in time. Thriving is a confirmation that we have the resources available to us all the time to fulfil and enjoy the purpose we have chosen to live.

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