At The Table – Soul Conversations by Stacey Michelle

Communication is a strong foundation to build solid relationships. We connect by sharing experiences we go through in life. Find encouragement to have meaningful conversations in this session by Stacey Michelle as you sit At The Table and have soul conversations.
By Stacey Michelle

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Stacey Michelle


Conversations create deeper connections.  We find our souls are nourished when we partner on our journey with others by sharing what we experience along the way.   Life has its highs and lows, these conversations bring us comfort.  We spend time with those who will listen or we are there for someone in need.  We share the difficult times and it lessens our pain.  The joys are magnified as we celebrate the wins and accomplishments together.  We discover new ideas or solutions.  We allow ourselves to be vulnerable to have conversations that matter the most, we listen, we share and we inspire others.    This session by Stacey Michelle will inspire you to share your heart and have conversations that matter.

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