A Blissful Sleep/A Creative Mind by J. Ann Palomar

Better sleep = better days. Sleep plays an important role throughout our life. Quality sleep is essential for our physical/mental health and our creativity. Filling our minds with appreciation and positive thoughts can enhance our sleep, which is a key to having creative and fulfilling days.
By J. Ann Palomar

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J. Ann Palomar


Getting a good night's sleep can make us feel like we are ready to take on the world. Adequate sleep is an essential part of health and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, creativity and more.  Studies have shown sleep plays a critical role in memory, learning, immune function, metabolism, and creativity.  Sleep helps our brain to function properly, is a time for healing and repair and helps us with our decision making process.

Preparing your mind for sleep can enhance the day that follows. Going to sleep filled with appreciation, positive thoughts, joy and love for life can fill your life with all the bliss and happiness imagined.

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