A Life Of Significance

Once you taste significance, success will never satisfy you. This session by author, coach, trainer, speaker and mentor Andreas A. Jones, gives you a taste of significance and inspiration to live out your purpose.
By Andreas Jones

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Andreas Jones


Gratitude is the single most powerful way to enhance life and relationships. This session is by Andreas A. Jones, author, coach, trainer, speaker and mentor. Each and every one of us has a purpose and meaning that will ultimately define the significance of our time on this earth. Stop Chasing Success. Seek Significance. While the thirst for success is never quenched, significance satisfies our deepest heart and soul. It allows us to lay our head on our pillow each night confident that we lived a valuable and fulfilling day. Significance will always outlast you. Even when you are no longer present, your significance will still be your legacy. And nothing can ever take that away from you. You can live a significant life by looking for significance and finding it in everything you do.

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